HIPSTER TIPS: Hand-Crafted Advice from an Authentic Oldster

for the hipster in all of us

In the 1980s, Thomas was a starving college student and aspiring screenwriter. That’s when his father helped him “get a real job” in corporate America.

The rest is a miserable mess of perfection; an upwardly mobile lifestyle that built a career and supported a family.

The old normal.

While enduring three decades of self-loathing for settling on a passionless career, he finally dropped out for fear of dropping dead – peeling back 30 years of his professional life for a career do-over.

In 2018, Thomas spoke to several young men and women at Burning Man in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. Many struggled to keep pace with rising rent, transportation, and food expenses. Some felt trapped in aimless careers. He sensed their longing. The same feeling of being stuck shortly after graduating from college. The search begins for most at that age. The inbred desire for a more authentic lifestyle where we become the driver rather than merely a passenger on a tour of the places we’d like to go someday, electing to take the Magic Bus Tour that cruises the neighborhood streets of the rich and famous.

They sought his throwback-style advice.

His 60 years, he discovered, had value. “Millennial’s are seekers at heart, among them, the hipster subculture is especially well educated, talented, and curiosity-minded. They are critical thinkers who reject religious or political dogma, preferring to go to the source of an event or happening to experience for themselves the truth. Then act on that truth as a dedicated way of life.”

The choices we make and the energy we invest work together to improve the quality of our lives, but they rarely intersect to become the flashpoint that ignites personal change. “The job you got fired from is the one you go back to under another roof. That is the challenge for the millennial generation. It was the same for the Boomers.”

Relationships, hobbies, and just about everything we do. Our lives are riddled with hot paths, similar to pheromone-seeking ants, keeping us on the roads most traveled and going to the places frequently visited.”

Thomas believes the process of becoming one’s authentic self is always a work in progress. The good news is it’s 100% in our control. Unlike the Beat generation who grow up during the depression and came of age during WWII, and the flow of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll, Viet Nam played out on the nightly television news, and civil rights protests in he streets, all of it was a rebound to normalcy, without context of what that was like. A half a century of world wars and rebuilding and collapsing economies.

Much as the , Me Too has become the fruition of millennial answer to the baby boomers. The accentuation cultural ideas coalescing around gender identity, sexual, and cultural general acceptance. Traditional and legal segregation has continued to dissolve as LGBTQ plus the gender fluidity is becoming more mainstream. Likewise, the environmental and dietary confluence of raising cattle for slaughter and dairy industry, and even meat from free range sources is seen antiquate if not inhumane and barbaric compared to plant-based food supply, becoming more desirable with the all-important youth market.

OK, I’ll say it. We live n the best of times. There is no better time in history to be a human animal. And I’ll say this too, a the heartbeat of the change is a colorful fucking cool biped animal with a big neatly-trimmed beard or floppy hat and handcrafted leather boots with a book made of pulp.

“I love hipsters! They are genuinely open-minded and willing to learn new tricks, even from an old man nearly three-times their age.” They tend to be deeply-committed crusaders with strong personal convictions – the values they practice everyday.

No doubt, there is a little bit of hipster in all of us.

Are you ready to transform your life? Are you willing to be fearless and determined and disciplined enough to become your authentic self?

When we are stuck in the muck of settling, we fear change. We embrace mediocrity in our daily routines and rituals. We feed our addictions and fail to nourish our soul.

Hopefully, you realize there is only one way to be you. Only one way to leverage your unique talents. Only one way to live without regret. And that is to do what you love.

If you’re not sure what that is, simply listen to your heart and it will reveal itself naturally. The meaning of life for you is the same for me, and everyone who has ever lived: it comes with trusting yourself and having the courage to pursue your inner calling, dream job, and passions.

And when you do, share your stories with others and keep traveling off the beaten path.”